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网友评价: Honestly, I'm not the type of person that takes time to write reviews but I think this place warrants it. We happened to go in when the owner (Farris, I hope I spelled that right) was working. This guy knows customer service. When he took our order, he stressed how much he really wanted critical feedback so he could make it better. We ordered a couple of limeaids to drink. They make them when you order so he brought them out in a small sample cup to make sure we didn't want them any sweeter. We ordered a half dozen falafel to go with a couple of "pi's". The falafel were amazing. They had a good crispy crust and the filling was great. We even had a good bit of hummus left over to which Farris brought us out some extra pita bread to finish it off. The pizza was pretty good, I had a godfather which I would call it above average. I didn't sample the wife's garlic but she ate it all so I'm assuming she liked it. I would definitely go back if I get the chance. I go to a lot of places and leave thinking that customer service must be dead. This is one of those places that restores my hope.
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